for exo 0.3.0

March 2005

Table of Contents

I. Overview
II. Editable Toolbars
ExoToolbarsModel - The toolbars backend used by ExoToolbarsView
ExoToolbarsEditor - Widget to edit toolbars
ExoToolbarsEditorDialog - Dialog to edit toolbars
ExoToolbarsView - A widget for displaying toolbars.
III. Additional widgets
ExoCellRendererEllipsizedText - Renders text in a cell and optionally ellipsizes the text.
ExoEllipsizedLabel - A widget that automatically ellipsizes text
ExoIconBar - A widget for displaying icon bars
ExoIconView - A widget which displays a list of icons in a grid
IV. Extensions to existing frameworks
Extensions to gdk-pixbuf - Miscelleanous extensions to the gdk-pixbuf library
Extensions to GObject - Miscelleanous extensions to the GObject library
Extensions to Pango - Miscelleanous extensions to the Pango library.
V. Miscelleanous
Version Information - Variables and macros to check the exo version
Binding Properties Functions - Functions used to bind two object properties together
MD5 Functions - MD5 hash implementation
String Utility Functions - Various string-related functions.
ExoXsessionClient - Lightweight session management support